So, why are you doing this?!?

So, why am I doing this blog thing?!? Well, because I want to. Right! That should be the reason we do everything! And, honestly, I’m starting this relatively secretly, but I know I’ve got plenty of information to share, so why not! I am an enabler and I work for everyone else, so this is for me. This blog is to reassure all the other women who tread water from time to time, for whatever reason, that they are not alone. And, maybe along the way, I can share something that will make your life easier too!

I want to share the antics of my boys. They are silly and tough and adventurous, and people love hearing about their crazy little lives. Why not share that joy?!? My boys are 7 and 2 and are both summer babies. They are both huge and no one believes they’re as young as they are. I will be the mom who has to carry her kids’ birth certificates with her so that she can prove her kids aren’t two years older than they are in actuality. My nephew had to carry his birth certificate when he was in competitive karate because of his size. We, the parents, don’t look like huge people, but apparently we grow big boys!

So, how do I raise my family and still do everything else? I’ll answer this one along the way and maybe divulge some time management practices that I use. Mostly, I put my head down and bulldoze through. I have figured out quick, easy and relatively healthy recipes along the way, and most often, I have a task assigned to every minute from the time I wake up until everyone else goes to bed – then it’s me time.

My husband, God love him, works ALL THE TIME. I manage the house mostly by myself which is why it’s falling in on itself a little. Well, that and two rough and tumble little boys live with me! Seriously, though, I’ve had 3 boots go through my ceiling since we moved in 8 years ago, and there is a hole in the wall by far too many doors! It just is what it is right now!

So, there you have it. I’m here to share me and maybe help you…even if it’s just because my crazy makes you feel better about your crazy!