About Me

Hey! Hey! Hey! My name is Lindy and I am a high functioning, crazy woman who is also the mother of 2 wild, crazy and adventurous little boys.  I work fulltime (read 6-7 days a week) managing the businesses my parents have built over their 50+ year marriage.  Additionally, I happen to be the wife of a farmer who is also an entrepreneur.  In my spare time, I do philanthropy work, volunteer at church, take care of all of mine and my parents personal/household matters and run those two little boys from here to yonder trying to make their dreams come true!

Me and My Boys

I started this blog for a few reasons.  One: to chronicle the adventures of the boys.  People LOVE when I share their craziness on Facebook! Two: to share how I get life done with so little extra time on my hands.  And Three: to have an outlet to try to calm my brain!  Also, I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, which I find is the same for most other people doing this, so here I am!

We live in a small town on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and it’s safe to say we are outside people.  I grew up raising animals, helping on the grass farm and being involved in every single extracurricular activity I could fit in my day.  Now, I’m a mother trying to create the same love of life for my boys!